Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jior Couture Nail Lacquer - Cat's Corn-er

My first official post!  Woot, woot!  Who's got 2 (beautifully polished) thumbs and is super excited?  This gal!  I'm especially excited because of the awesome sauce indie polish I'm sharing today.

Cat's Corn-er by Jior Couture is a thermal scented polish.  Yes, I said thermal AND scented!  It totally smells like any polish while applying, but after it's dry?  CANDY CORN!  I'm sure I look like a total freak walking around randomly sniffing my nails.  It makes me think of Superstar and Mary Katherine Gallagher!
On to the good stuff!  This polish goes on like buttah.  I used 2 medium coats with a topper of Seche Vite...and it was perfection!  It's a dark, chocolaty brown when cold and orange when warmed completely.  The holographic micro glitter takes it that one step farther; to magnificence!  Here is a little video of the color change I made and posted on IG.  It was so fun to drive down the road and stick my ark out the window to make it cold just so I could bring it back in to warm it up.  The process was repeated over and over.  My husband definitely thinks I've lost it!

So, what do you think?  Would you "lacq it" or "leave it?"  I definitely LACQ IT in a huge way!

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  1. I like it and did the same thing with my hand out the window while hubby was I also would rub my nails on the side of my iced tea to get them to