Friday, April 15, 2016

Swatcher Spotlight Charity Duo - Jior Couture

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Jior Couture is giving back by featuring each of her regular swatchers and letting them choose a charity and create a polish duo.  I was up first!

Swatcher Spotlight Duo - Lelia
The charity I chose is called Darkness to Light. It’s goal is to help prevent and stop child sexual abuse. This cause is close to my heart as my daughter was sexually abused. I wish no child the pain and suffering of having to endure this awful crime. I talked with my daughter about this before choosing it and she agreed wholeheartedly. She’s a very strong young lady and so amazing…I’m lucky to be her mom.

Sacha's post containing my full bio is HERE on Jior Couture's blog.

Ariel's favorite color is turquoise, so we used that for a jumping off point. The first polish is called In Darkness and it's a dark teal crelly.  We went dark with no embellishments for the darkness you must feel when something like sexual abuse happens.  The second polish is called There Is Light.  We went much lighter to an almost mint color and added holo to represent the light and healing that comes after you've gotten help. I felt like it was also a nice play on the name of the charity.

Let's start with In Darkness.  It does lean a little more green than the pictures show.

Formula:  Buttery smooth.  Not too thick or too thin.
Application:  Covered completely in 2 coats.  Can pool at sides of the nail if you use too thick of a coat.  I added glossy top coat, but it is very shiny without.
Wear:  Three days with no chipping or dullness.  Very minimal tip wear.
Removal:  As expected.  No staining.

There Is Light

Formula:  Great formula, very smooth.  Not too thick or too thin.
Application:  Covered completely in 2 coats.  I added glossy top coat.
Wear:  I wore this color after the ombre was applied and had no issues, but I didn't wear it alone for any amount of time.
Removal:  As expected.  No staining.

Some stamping with There Is Light & an ombre using both.  <3

20% of all sales from this duo will be donated to Darkness to Light.  Please join us in supporting this worthy cause.  Thanks for popping in today!


  1. What a fantastic duo and cause! I'm glad your daughter is a strong enough woman to overcome such an awful thing and rise above it. But, with such an incredible mom like you, it's easy to see from where she gets her strength :)

  2. What a great cause and nothing polishes are beautiful. Love the gradient!

  3. I love how both look so good together in that gradient.

  4. your gradient is a glorious thing. And what a great cause to support.