Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ever After Custom - Ariel

***Gift: The products were given or included as a gift with no promise of a review or post.***

Hello again, lovelies.  Today I have a special mani to share.  Rachel, co-owner of Ever After, and I are in an indie only swap together and I was her partner for the last swap. She knows I'm obsessed with The Little Mermaid (my daughter's name is Ariel) and made me a 7 piece collection. I named  it 7 Sisters of the Sea.  I'll share my mirror drop macros of each one and the mani I did using Ariel.
I used Ariel first, because ARIEL!  I'm a bit partial, but I do what I want.  I used some vinyls from Lou It Yourself to really make it an Ariel inspired mani.  Who doesn't need a dinglehopper on their nails?  NOBODY, that's who!>
I'm not going to ask you if you'd lacq it or leave it because it's mine!  All mine!  I don't share my The Little Mermaid polish well with others.  Surely you understand!


  1. These are fantastic!! And I love your mirror drop macros!!!

  2. But PLEASE share, they're all so gorgeous!

  3. Ummm please, that is the sweetest swap partner, those are all beautiful and so thoughtful. Love Ever After!